Monday, July 23, 2012

Doing Some Shopping in Sunny Huntington Beach

Went to Huntington Beach yesterday and found some really, really cute sandals. What you say? Never heard of Huntington Beach? Its a great tourist area located by the beach in sunny southern California. Yes and it was a beautiful day to go to the beach not to mention the cute fashion stores that they have lined on the main strip.

Ha, my husband really went out of his way this time to take me to the beach (before the summer ends) and I feel I got "the best of both worlds" meaning going to the beach with him (yes I really love being with him) and shopping!  A girls gotta shop right!?

Back to the sandals, I would have to describe them as a white with a really stylish light brown design right on the thong holder between the toes, really got a great deal on them, I even got a great bag along with the sandals, what a deal! I couldn't wait to put them on as I left the store and thats what I did, I even got a nice compliment from my husband on how great I looked in them, good husband! ha!

Maybe next week we'll go to the mall, it's already Monday can't wait for the week to end, weekend here we come!